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This section charts my path into the world of UX through a visual journey map. Each milestone, represented by icons and brief descriptions, unfolds a pivotal moment in my life. Accompanying each event is the "Design Influence" it held, highlighting how these experiences shaped my design thinking, skills, and ultimately, my passion for user-centered solutions. From traversing diverse cultures across India to leading debates in college, each step has instilled valuable lessons that inform my approach to design. This map paints a picture of not just my past, but how it fuels my present journey towards creating meaningful user experiences.

Group 1000001846.png
Group 1000001854.png
Group 1000001855.png
Group 1000001856.png
Group 1000001857.png
Group 1000001858.png
Group 1000001859.png
Group 1000001860.png
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