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Project Case Studies

My ultimate life's mission revolves around the art of designing user experiences that strike the perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency. I aim to create interfaces and interactions that are not just user-friendly but also possess a nuanced layer of complexity, enriching the user's experience.

Smart Resource Manager

Smart Electricity, Water and Air Quality Monitoring System

Cutting-edge technology is tackling pressing global environmental challenges, including climate change, resource depletion, industrialization's environmental impact, and escalating pollution from rising traffic. Our project pioneers a smart resource management system to predict and enhance air and water quality while optimizing energy resource utilization.

My Role: Co-Author & Project Member

This app effortlessly links educators, recruiters, and students, streamlining input of requirements and achievements. Powered by algorithms and data analytics, it automates report generation, providing instant insights. Say goodbye to recruitment hassles and hello to a smarter, efficient future in collegiate recruitment.

Student Achievement Webapp


My Role: Project Lead


Breathe Slow

BreatheSlow: Your pocket oasis of calm. Discover expert-curated breathing techniques for stress relief, focus, and better sleep. Led by experienced instructors, this app makes mindfulness a daily habit. Find serenity, track progress, and embrace a healthier, balanced you with BreatheSlow.

My Role: App Developer

Developed an innovative smart safety harness employing Raspberry Pi and sensors to predict fall-related data such as height, speed, and hook continuity. Integrated an alert system to notify ground managers in case of a fall or when workers are at significant heights. Implemented a user- friendly React.js dashboard for real-time monitoring and data visualization, ensuring prompt and effective safety measures.

Smart IoT Safety Harness

Smart Harness

My Role: Project Lead


English Gnani App

Contributing to the ongoing development of an English learning application tailored for underprivileged and lower-middle-class individuals aspiring for urban job opportunities. Playing a key role in UI/UX, app development and database management to create an easily navigable interface and efficient coursework structure. Collaborating with the team to ensure a user-friendly experience while continuously refining the curriculum to meet the needs of learners preparing for city-based employment.

Coming Soon...

My Role: UI / UX Designer, Database Manager, App Developer

Engaged in a project aimed at predicting asthma episodes through analysis of breath sounds captured from the mouth and chest. Contributing expertise in UX research, UI/UX design, and app development. Playing a pivotal role in crafting an intuitive user experience while collaborating on the development of the application interface. Leveraging insights from user research to create a user-centric design that ensures accessibility and usability for individuals monitoring asthma symptoms.

Coming Soon...

Pnoi Phone Project


My Role: UI / UX Designer, App Developer

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